Jam Def Poetry

‘Twas the night before my release date and all through the house….

The new new was bangin and tha shit had that bounce!

Its for ya’ll to vibe to and surely you’ll see…..

That if you want a bad black music muthafucka…

Best believe its me!

I produced, I rapped, I even wrote a book…

Put it out on my own label and even sang a damn hook!

I got international features and its about to go down…

So on June 5th get your copy of Stadium Music/The View From The Underground






The Press Release

“Detroit’s Frank Nitt has seen it all, more so than your average ‘keep it real’ MC. He has seen the meteoric rise and untimely death of friend, collaborator and certified hip hop legend J Dilla. He eyewitnessed Common record a platinum album, and Black Thought freestyling in a strip club parking lot. And he now chronicles his first hand experiences in the 48 page memoir The View from the Underground, which comes included in this brand new deluxe casebook edition album, Stadium Music. As part of the duo FrankNDank, Frank Nitt dropped unforgettable material on notable releases like 2001’s Welcome 2 Detroit, 2003’s 48 Hrs, and two versions of Xtended Play (2004 and Version 3.13 in 2006), as well as his solo efforts The Concert Hall EP and Jewels in My Backpack. His most recent full length outing, Nittyville, part of Madlib’s Medicine Show series, illustrates his knack for tongue-in-cheek, fun loving raps. But Stadium Music is more than that. As Frank Nit puts it; ‘All of my travel, all of my musical influences, and all of my relationships… I talk about love on there, and hardship. I talk about just wanting to be a dope MC.‘ The album features beats and rhymes by Illa J, Que D, Dank, Kid Sublime, Kevin Cofield, Numbe:ra and others, plus a foreword by his personal acquaintance and adult film star Tara Lynn Foxx.” On June 5th go suppoort!!!!! and watch the videos of “Spotlite” and “Radio” below!




Go Time!

What up doe? Hope all is well with you and yours. All is well here in Digipop (the name of my label) land as we prepare for the JUNE 5TH release date of my album/book,  Stadium Music-The View From The Underground. Finally got a couple physical copies sent to me and ….whooooaaaaaaa! needless to say.. i love it!  I am also really humbled and thankful for all the people who helped make this possible, and know that i am forever grateful! Now for those that might be thinking is it really a book? i say hell to the yes! its also an album, all rolled into a really nice package , but you dont have to believe me believe your eyes..lol..I attached pics. I also added the link to the video for ‘Radio’ the first record off the project, and also a link to pre order it. Its available for pre order in the UK, Japan, Germany, Canada, the U.S….man its all over, so get your pre order on!!


The Newness!

Howdy Folks!

Hope all is well with you and yours. Life is going well for the kid, my new single “Radio” was released recently and is being well received by djs, stations and fans! Its really dope to me that people are taking it in and rocking with it. “Radio” is produced by me and Kevin Cofield and written by me, so I have a real personal connection to it.  If u want to listen to “Radio” go peep http://soundcloud.com/digipop-1 

For the ones who haven’t been keeping up with me and the “goings on”..lol, “Radio” is the first single from my upcoming album/book,”Stadium Music” and ” The View From The Underground” respectively. That’s right… The book and album will be sold together to double your pleasure! This is the first project from my new distribution deal for my label “Digipop” with Traffic Entertainment. “Stadium Music” is produced by me with the help of the homie Kevin Cofield on 2 tracks. 

“The View From The Underground” was written by me and my trusty co-author Tara Lynn Foxx. Honestly I didn’t do any writing, just story telling. She did all the actual transcribing. So thanks to Tara, without her, no book! We all know I wouldn’t be able to sit my ass down long enough to write a page, let alone 50! The album is filled with all types of musical styles and the book is filled with my music history and that’s all I’m going to say about that!
Stadium Music/The View From The Underground will be released June 5th!!!! So for now go peep “Radio” and get prepared for the madness!!!!!



What’s Going On?

What up doe party people!

Its been a min since we have spoken, and a lot of things have transpired.

If you have been reading this blog, or following me on twitter, you know I have finished the album; Stadium Music, and the book ; The View from the Underground.

The album is all produced by yours truly, (Yes I do beats too fool!) and it features a few of my European bredren. As well as some of my long time fam; Dank, Illa J and Que D. I wanted to keep it very Frank Nitt on this Album, being my first solo LP. I am happy to report that it sounds like nothing on the radio or in your deck right now. It’s really ALL NEW music! I think it has everything. For the dude with the sound system that wants to bang, to the 18 year old white girl who wants to dance the pain away. I named it Stadium Music for many reasons. One of them being as a venue, a stadium can hold a very large, diverse crowd. Stadium Music encompasses that. Meaning there is a large range of musical influences that helped create this project of diverse styles. But don’t get it twisted, I keep the boom bap in the mix.

For the book portion of this project, (yes the album and book will be sold together!) I felt like I wanted to tell my story, while giving the people more Bang for their Buck! The View From The Underground is a small glimpse of my journey in music and life. It starts at the moment I discovered music and ends at present day. It shows many of my influences, and a lot of the major turning points along the way, including every emotion from extreme happiness to sadness. Of course it has comedy and celebrity stories, too. Along with my trusty co author I think we were able to convey all the emotions I felt clearly. Just know it was written from the heart. To help narrate the stories, I included some personal pics from the stash.

Ill leave you with the advice of my trusty co author, “read the book then listen to the album,” but you decide!

The last bit of news I’d like to share is also music related. I’ve told you about the album/book, but I am sure you are wondering when/how is this shit coming out? That leads me to my next point. DigiPop LLC. is my entertainment label. I have recently signed a distribution deal with Traffic Entertainment. It’s Worldwide, Digital, CD’s and Vinyl. However you want it we got it!
The first release of this new deal is as you expected, Stadium Music and The View From The Underground. We plan to release this project in the first quarter of next year, 2012. The art department is working hard to get everything in order, but good shit takes time.

With that, I will bid you farewell. Stay thirsty my friends!

Glimpse of a Champion! #TeamFrankNitt

The book is officially done as well as the album! It’s been a journey. A journey of self discovery, how lucky I have been with friendships and relationships. All the things I have been able to do with the book/album, is due to the wonderful people in my life. I guess now that it’s all done, I can give you a few details.

First, The book was written by myself and my trusty co-author, Tara Lynn Foxx. (google her! LOL)

Second, The book is just as the title reads. The View From The Underground. It’s my view, on how I became apart of this underground, Hip-Hop.. movement thing…

It’s really honest and from the heart. I have included some very rare pictures, from my childhood to recent, to help narrate the story. I think it’s FACKING awesome! I hope you enjoy it too.

On the album, it will be called Stadium Music. This album is basically the kid that you read about in the book that’s in love with music. Just having fun and creating something new, something fun, and something I THINK is fresh.

This is my first Full Length solo album. I took it seriously, and I did all of the writing, producing, and arranging except for a few key guest appearances. From the homies you might know and a couple of my European cohorts.  Again, I think it’s FACKING awesome! and I hope you do too!

For now, I’ll have a small celebration…. with Sampson and TLF….

It would be dope if you can support by RTing or reposting this with #TeamFrankNitt. Stay Tuned for the release date and a preview of the whole Fackin Awesome project.

Thanks for going on the ride with me, but it aint over yet. More to come people!

I’ll catch you on the flip side. Deuces!

-Frank Nitt

Round 1 is done!

Dear Readers,

Today I got your favorite MC/Producer to sit down and help me get the first draft complete. We went through and did some editing. Trying to keep it true to how he talks, but still keeping the flow of proper grammar, was in my opinion a success. We feel like we have some very entertaining material here. He is very excited for his fans to get this book! He is very proud. I myself am very proud of this as well. I have been wanting to do this for some time now. I have had the pleasure of having an amazing relationship with Frank. He has opened my eyes to his world in Hip-Hop. I have been luckily to hear some of his stories from his journey up to now. I am glad that my joke, “Hey you should let me write a memoir for you,” turned into DigiPop’s fist album and book. It is amazing to be able to witness this transformation of him as a producer and a grown business man.

Thank you for reading this blog so far. I decided to include a couple quotes from the book. I hope you enjoy them.

“We Loved the music, we loved to dance, we would go to any club we could get into at age 12-13.”  -FN

“It stayed with me that I can touch people with what I do.” -FN

Stay tuned for more information on how you can purchase Stadium Music and The View From the Underground. Until then, put the word out! Join #TeamFrankNitt and subscribe to the blog then follow @FrankNitt…. it’s about damn time! LOL

Thanks again,
Trusty Co-Author

Tara Lynn Foxx

Vote Frank Nitt for President!


Whatup doe?

I’m glad you liked the title. I’m not running for no damn presidency. I am however, in an Alicia Keyes Remix opportunity. I guess you can vote for me if you like my mix. If you have read this up to this point you have time to click the link below. lol

Check out this submission in Alicia Keys – Butterflyz Remix Opportunity on Indaba Music.

Thanks for the votes already today! I’ve jumped 50 spots! Keep Voting.


-Frank Nitt

Time to Edit!

Hello Readers,

Is anyone out there? LOL

Frank Nitt and his trusty co-Author are reporting.


No seriously, what up doe? I have been working on so much music lately I am glad my trusty co-author has been banging out the pages. We are now working on the editing process. It’s a tedious task but its turning into a good read and is well written. (If I must say so myself)

Stadium Music, the music portion of this new project, is done and is a slapper!

Almost done with the deal… So the next thing is to make all of the bits and pieces go together and we will have a DigiPop Puzzel LOL!

Feel free to put the word out about this blog. I will keep you updated on the final project and maybe even post some glimpses of the book up soon. SO STAY TUNED!

-Frank Nitt



SO I started the work day going through pics of my life. It’s crazy to see my life kind of in pictures. I’m looking at my life from 3 to 4 years old to present day. The pics tell stories themselves.

I feel pretty good with the pictures and the book, them coinciding and telling a really good story. I think it will be funny and heartfelt. Scratch that! I know it will be heartfelt and funny because I wrote it LOL…Along with my trusty co-author, who has been putting in work like a banger in a flannel shirt LOL!

But things are coming along and I’ll be done soon! For now, back to the mixing board!

And to all my Jewish poeple… SHALOM!

-Frank Nitt